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The expertise of Maschio Gaspardo meets the technology of Feraboli. For excellent performances.
Maschio Gaspardo with Feraboli, offers a wide range of high tech and quality solutions for harvesting as round balers, mowers, rotary rakes, tedders and hay rakes: all worldwide known machines for reliability, innovation and sturdiness, capable of boosting the quantity and quality of the gathered product.
The EXTREME 365 round baler with variable chamber, is a pure concentrate of expertise and technology, gained in the fields all over the world. The Feraboli round balers are designed to satisfy the needs of all operators, from farmers to contractors, till small and large-scale farms.
Thanks to the outstanding pick-up shaft and the yield flow technology, EXTREME 365 gathers all products at high speed, form green hay to stocks. Moreover, thanks to the HTC and HTU cutting systems, respectively with 13 blades or 25 blades, it is possible to size the forage in uniform and regular bales according to the different needs. On the other hand, the bale density, geometry and dimension vary depending on product conservation needs.
The bottom dumping gate can be hydraulically lowered and allows to free the machine from eventual clogging without leaving the drive cabin. There are three tying systems available, as twine, net and plastic film. The last option allows to save the 30% of film while wrapping the bales.
Within the blade mower range there is the FIORE double blades model, evolution of the FBR model: a new anti-vibration system comes as standard, considerably increasing the transmission reliability, granting excellent performances and requiring little maintenance.
On the other hand, the drying of green hay is crucial to obtain high nutritive forage. In outdoors conditions, the swaths homogeneity and volume are essential prerequisites for a swift drying and an easy handling by the balers. Feraboli has developed a full range of rotary rakes, both single rotor (GS and GS-SRT models) and twin rotors (RR model), with side or central laying, mounted and semi-mounted, and with working width between 7 ft and 25 ft.
The quality of the adaptation to the soil and the entire forage raking, without introducing impurities, are at the heart of the rotary rakes technological development. The particular shape of the arms (olive section) and the galvanized forks guarantee the highest working capacity, regular swaths and extreme reliability. Furthermore, the Feraboli rotary rakes can all be equipped with an additional supporting wheel on the front of the impellers to increase the adaptation efficiency on hilly areas.
Maschio Gaspardo Feraboli: the perfect blend between tradition and innovation meeting the needs of an ever changing market with unique products and a sturdy design.
Maschio offers a range of balers to suit your needs.




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